“Each child deserves a chance.”




I was a child that did not feel heard. I remember both the emotional and physical pain of being an outsider, with no help, no tools, no way to change my circumstances.


With these disconcerting experiences, I started my decades long search for relief from social awkwardness. I moved through life with an outer shell of competence.  I learned the words to say and when to smile, but inside all was chaos.


Long after my children were grown, I stumbled on nutrition and its link to brain chemistry. I learned about the symptoms attributed to those on and off the autism spectrum, and started to see patterns in myself and my family of origin – sensory processing disorders, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, anxiety and depression, ADD, self injurious behavior, social awkwardness, being bullied and information processing difficulties.




And then, I experienced firsthand how food choices removed so much of the internal static I thought I would just have live with.  I learned about certain compounds in foods that wreaked havoc with my inner world – compounds you would never suspect to be lurking in nutritious food! Through trial and error, I was able to customize my diet and change how I interfaced with my world.


When I retired from my corporate insurance career, I decided to formalize my knowledge, returning to school. Then, I started on a mission to show others how to figure out these issues sooner rather than later, starting with those who hurt the most and who are dependent on those who have gone before to show the way.




Together with families, we look specifically at where toxins are creeping in as well as determining what foods your child is reacting to in a negative way, and which ones clear the static. We figure out a strategy that works for your circumstances, empowering you for the long term.



Each child deserves a chance.

I truly believe that each child deserves the chance to thrive in his or her own way – a chance I never had. BioIndividual nutrition gives them a running start to reach their potential. By eliminating the internal static caused by toxins, food sensitivities and more important, by increasing the necessary building blocks for their bodies and brains, the next generation will get their chance.


Let’s be clear – food doesn’t cure autism and food doesn’t heal a struggling body.  It’s the body that returns to its best function possible when given the best building blocks possible.  And that’s how food helps.

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Resolute Michaels, NTP, BCHN® is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®. She is also a Certified BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioner and has completed the Autism Mastery Course through the Integrative Medicine Academy.


Resolute is dedicating her retirement to helping the next generation prepare to take on their world with their best foot forward. She is doing this by nutritionally supporting families and kids dealing with ASD, neurological issues, behavior challenges, allergies and asthma, digestive distress, food sensitivities, and autoimmune conditions. She understands that no two people are exactly alike, and customizes nutrition plans with this in mind.


Resolute has authored articles in trade papers, conducted seminars and workshops throughout the South Puget Sound area, and is a Study Group Leader for the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute program of study.


Resolute has a private practice in Des Moines, Washington and also accepts distance clients.




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