As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I will guide you to the best foods and lifestyle enhancements for you and your family. Rather than treating symptoms, Nutritional Therapy gets at the reasons for your symptoms, and works to provide what your body needs to heal.  


supporting the body's own natural function provides the best chance for optimal health

physical, mental and emotional


Food advice is everywhere. It’s not a stretch to say that there’s a new book every day. And listening to the conflicting nutrition information in the media leaves us wondering what to believe.

I understand that every person is unique and that one size does not fit all. 


Together, we customize a plan specifically geared to YOUR health goals — in organized, sustainable steps.



Anxiety and depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Autoimmunity. Allergies. Acid reflux. And all the other maladies we relate to advancing years.


These can be improved or alleviated with targeted nutrition. 


While every diet works for someone, no diet works for everyone. That’s where BioIndividual Nutrition comes into play.


How would your life be different if…


Your anxiety disappeared?

You didn’t get lethargic and depressed in the winter?

You were able to assuage the symptoms of your autoimmune condition?

Your seasonal allergies were a thing of the past?

Your digestive issues decreased and your energy increased?


As you learn which foods are exquisitely appropriate for you, as you provide the building blocks your body needs to do its amazing healing work, as you begin to reframe the falsehoods you’ve been told about food, you will recapture the joyful child we each deserved to be — fully engaging with your world and ready to take on the challenges of daily living in the 21st century.


WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING about working with Resolute?


For years, I was sick all the time. I just never felt well and my mood showed it. The myriad of doctors I saw couldn’t find anything wrong or explain why I felt so poorly. And I never, ever felt good. Did I mention that I never felt good?


I actually cancelled my first appointment with Resolute – and then waited a year as I watched my family’s health improve while working with her. I finally made a second appointment and kept it! When I left that day, for the first time, I felt hope.


Resolute listened to my desperation, and then gently offered answers for the immediate issues, and strategies for the longer term changes I would need to make. 


She explained how some foods that are very nourishing aren’t nourishing for me. In fact, that’s what was making me so sick. She taught me how to choose different foods and how to find the foods I could eat when at a restaurant or family function. 


I used to feel sick after eating the food I enjoyed. Resolute showed me other foods that I enjoy just as much, and now I can also enjoy how good I feel."


One of the things I admire in Resolute is her modeling of her own struggles and journey, including setbacks to success.  I otherwise would have conceded defeat and been back to my old ways by now.


I was trying to self manage rather than taking multiple medications and I was so close to giving up when


Resolute pulled me back from the cliff.


What’s different with her is this:  every time I went to someone and said my health issues were integrally entwined with my emotions and energy, they didn’t have any solutions for me. I said that to Resolute and she knew where to start. Interestingly, she started by describing how digestion runs north to south. When she came to the part about digestion starting north of the mouth -- that is, in the brain -- it opened me up to be able to talk about all of the anxiety and depression I had been experiencing. She helped that with amino acid therapy and got me stabilized.


I was worried about the acid reflux medication I was taking. She offered me a solution and my doctor took me off my medication for the first time in 15 years. You know, I tend to be a very doubtful person but when that happened she earned my trust.


And then there is the foggy brain because of my elevated blood sugar. Resolute was able to cut through the fog and help me make different food choices. As long as I stick to them, my brain is clear and my blood sugar remains under control.


I’ve been able to tackle all of this as I had bandwidth to do it. Resolute helped me build strength emotionally and mentally to be able to start working on my weight, my digestion and my blood sugar.


I hate to think where I’d be if it weren’t for Resolute. 





I look forward to an online

consultation with you.

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