I am a Nutritional Therapist compassionately helping moms and dads figure out the food piece for their kids on the autism spectrum. By focusing on the bioindividuality of your child, we work together to help them become pain free. And in so doing, we remove one more obstacle that keeps them from connecting with their world.

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There is not one of us who has not been touched in some way by autism.

With 1 in 59 children being diagnosed with autism, the search is on for solutions. As parents, we hurt when our kids hurt. And when our kids can’t articulate what’s hurting, it’s all the more disheartening.


Are you confused by the conflicting information regarding the efficacy of special diets for kids on the autism spectrum? Why is there such a variation in results? How can you know whether it’s worth the effort for your child? And where do you start?


I understand that your child is unique and together we will develop a strategy specifically geared to your child’s nutritional needs.

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Research shows that a change in diet is helpful for about 85% of children with autism. Since there’s little downside, many families have tried this approach. However, some have had mixed results.


The principal reasons why dietary changes weren’t successful are twofold. The 1st is that the diet may not have been followed long enough, or closely enough. The 2nd is that there could be elements in the diet or environment that masked the benefit of the special diet.


All of the diets for autistic children need to be adhered to 100% of the time — with no exceptions. So, if there are well meaning folks who indulge your child with ‘just a little,’ the troublesome constituents are not truly eliminated. Additionally, it can take some time for the body to clear and heal. This usually means 3-6 months on the diet before a true picture of the benefits can be seen.


Another challenge is determining what to add or increase in place of the removed foods. At times, problematic components in otherwise nutritious food may mask the benefits of the original diet. In some cases, behavior issues and other symptoms may become worse before they get better. Once the diet is further refined, the anticipated improvement can be evaluated. With multiple therapeutic diets available to you and your child, obtaining the best results for your efforts can be complex, but IT CAN BE DONE!


While food is only one aspect for helping your child navigate his or her world, the bodily clarity that a customized diet provides can enhance all other therapies and interventions. After all, why leave any possible improvement off the table?



We came to Resolute to seek support for our six-year-old son who has sensory processing disorder. He was sensitive to loud noises and crowded environments. At times, his symptoms would be more exaggerated, his coping skills would decrease, and it didn’t seem related to sleep or environmental stress. We sought out Resolute’s help to see how dietary changes could help stabilize him.


We were so happy with the changes we saw in him. Resolute gave us solutions we could handle and recipe ideas to make it work for our family’s lifestyle. In our son, we saw more stability and predictability in behavior and his ability to cope with his surroundings. He was happier and more in control.


These changes thrill me! The family dynamic changed and freed us up to create a more peaceful home environment. We’re able to leave home more easily as a family without fear of loud noises or crowds setting off my son as they once did."



I’m a grandmother of a sweet boy with autism. I have watched the family struggles, despite the various therapies we worked with to help him navigate the social structures of school and other normal activities for an energetic young man. As his outbursts became more extreme, even his brother and sister were upset for him and for themselves, and the calls from the school increased. My son knew that something more needed to be done and sought nutrition advice from Resolute, who included us all in the discussion. 


We had already tried removing gluten from his diet, and it was not enough. With one other major dietary change, he is more in touch with his body, he is not as affected by the normal stimulation of life, his grades improved, and he started reading on his own. It was as if the fog lifted, and we all breathed a sigh of relief. 


As he became more content, he also became more affectionate. I now cherish the hugs and smiles that I thought would elude us for a lifetime. 


He is now entering his pre teen years, and we’re dealing with the usual growing pains of this time of life, but without the communication complications that would have made it more difficult, had we not learned what foods to avoid, and more importantly, what foods to include. "






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