I am a Nutritional Therapist supporting moms and dads in their hectic, day to day rush to get food on the table and into their kids. By focusing on your unique family, we work together to develop a food strategy that fits your life, taking small steps that add up to big changes.

Are we allergic to our food, or what’s been done to it?  

Upset tummies and allergies, asthma and skin issues. Is this just what our kids have to deal with in today’s world?


There may be a simple solution in simple dietary changes that are simultaneously yummy and nutritious. Let’s talk!

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Life is hectic.


Between work, school, household chores and family commitments, we grab any shortcuts we can, just to make it through the week. And so, it’s understandable when mealtimes take a back seat.  Today’s fast food is convenient – it’s at the grocery store, the drive-thru, and then there’s home delivery. 


We know that this is not ideal, that we lose nutrition in the convenience. Tummies are full, but some of the building blocks that our kids’ bodies need to repair and grow are missing. And so, the time we saved is lost to coping with bellyaches, allergies, crankiness, or worse.


When we truly make the connection between the food we eat and how we feel, it’s easier to make the shift to a different kind of fast food – the kind that we create at home. Involving everyone in the process allows for multitasking at its best, in the community of family, as our kids learn new skills while they learn how to truly be nourished.


Take heart! It’s only hard until it’s routine!



We came to Resolute to seek support for our six-year-old son who was sensitive to loud noises and crowded environments.  At times, his symptoms would be more exaggerated, his coping skills would decrease, and it didn’t seem related to sleep or environmental stress.  We sought out Resolute’s help to see how dietary changes could help stabilize him.


We were so happy with the changes we saw in him.  Resolute gave us solutions we could handle and recipe ideas to make it work for our family’s lifestyle.  In our son, we saw more stability and predictability in behavior and his ability to cope with his surroundings.  He was happier and more in control.


These changes thrill me!  The family dynamic changed and freed us up to create a more peaceful home environment.  We’re able to leave home more easily as a family without fear of loud noises or crowds setting off my son as they once did."


I came to Resolute for help with my young son's allergy symptoms after having worked with her on personal nutritional needs. It was a seamless transition and I appreciated Resolute's teaching tailored specifically to my son's needs and family situation. She gave me options, not have-tos, and her understanding was a great gift that allowed me to focus on what I could do. Her teaching alleviated my fears and by implementing her recommended changes my son's symptoms soon improved. Now, he doesn’t have to think about his runny nose and itchy eyes, and his symptoms aren’t stopping him when it’s time to play."






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